Jodi-Kay Edwards is the founder of Alignment Is The New Hustle, a business strategy and personal development brand helping entrepreneurs build wildly profitable businesses in a flow state. She is a firm believer that when your inner work meets your outer work you’re on your way to creating magic.


Her mission is to empower entrepreneurs worldwide to create lucrative lives and businesses so they can grow their impact and income. She is known for her clear, concise and easy to implement business and mindset strategies. Her courses, coaching and platforms have been used to transformed the lives of thousands of entrepreneurs. Her goal is to not only transform lives but transform the journey entrepreneurs embark on. 


Growing a business can feel overwhelming, messy and uncertain. She has become a powerful force in the online coaching industry and a beacon of light to guide others to clarity, happiness and growth. You can find her primarily hanging out inside her free Facebook Group, Alignment Is The New Hustle: Strategies For the Successful Entrepreneur and over on Instagram @jodikayedwards.

Jodi-Kay Edwards, Alignment Is The New Hustle



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